Sunny days

I love seeing acres of sunflowers or seeing them scattered in gardens and byways. As you may know, Mountain Lake has an old connection with sunny seeds (knack zoat). I’m still dreaming of the day that there are again fields of sunnies around this town to set us free from the monoculture mentality.

Steve and I went to the 8th Annual Garlic Festival in Hutchinson on Saturday. It was a hoot! The Great Scape Cafe, the ephemeral restaurant of the Garlic Festival featured local food with Minnesota chefs preparing the meals. I especially enjoyed the garlic ice cream!

So, lets build on the hard work of the first event this year and  have a bigger hoot in 2014 SUNFLOWER DAYS in Mountain Lake!   Flower competition idea categories: the biggest flower, the smallest, the tallest plant, most original bouquets, and then gardens. Good food could include artisan breads, pestos, sunny butter, fruit smoothies, pop corn, localy grown vegetables – yumm! Kite-making, a costume parade and music. A Go Van Go! biofuel vehical race and art show. haha

The harvest this week includes chard, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, fennel fronds, parsley, summer squash, onions, potatoes and more herbs. All produce will also be for sale for farm market purchases.

A small quantity of sour dough bread by Nathan will be available in this week’s market. He slaps it around instead of kneading it. I think I’m to be woken up just as the sun is peeking over the horizon! It is very good……