The final munch

Our last harvest was yesterday…..carrots. It was much too cold for them even under a belated haybale quilt. In farming, the chance to modify procedures may come but once a year. When the dial swivels around to 10-2014, we will winterize the outdoor produce in a more timely manner. Crops are actually in cold storage in the high tunnels; some growth may occur on a sun-filled day at noon when the indoor temperatures reach above freezing. We were not planning on the extention to the base of our thermometer! Next year we will have more reliable cold storage – a thermostat that can say, “Enough already!”.

My final tomato, lettuce, homemade cheese and bread and butter pickle sandwich on carrot rye bread was savored munch by munch. Sandwiches will continue to be sensational, though not as colorful, with a variety of bean spreads, cheeses by Loida and Nathan, pickles and new breads. The bread for sale this week will be a whole wheat potato dill bread.

I made my first curry powder to add to a butternut squash and chicken dish that was served over millet. Silly me, for the longest time I thought there was a special curry powder pepper as there is a chili pepper! Curry powder is a mixture of spices and it varies the world over. I liked this recipe: 5 T coriander, 2 T cumin, 1T turmeric, 1 t ginger, 2 t mustard, 2 t fenugreek, 1 1/2 t black pepper, 1 t cinnamon. 1/2 t cloves, 1/2 t cardmom, 1/2 t cayenne. All the spices are in powdered form and of course can be modified up or down.

The market boxes this week should contain: potatoes, the last leeks, a couple onions, candy carrots, zeppelin and butternut squash, dried mint, frozen corn and frozen raspberries.

The plan for the remaining time is to continue each week with potatoes, onions, candy carrots, buttercup squash (the big ones) and a one week addition of: dried fennel, dried tomatoes, dried red sweet peppers, bread and butter pickles, a choice of sauerkraut or hamburger dill pickles and most likely other things.