A crowing hen

One of our hens has decided to crow! At first there was a feeble doodle-do from inside the coop so we couldn’t tell who was changing the tune. Lately, the cockly-doodly-doos have been out in the open and ‘ugly chickling’ will be the main ingredient in our next chicken soup. That’s a sorry note, but roosters are not welcome here.

Today was the first day to find a duck egg, a brown egg and a white egg. Eggs will soon be for sale at that rate! Steve is constructing a chicken guesthouse in the barn in hopes that the hens will be indoors before the first glorious snow flake wends its way earthward. The ducks? They are delightful but enjoy playing in water and dampness in the coop is problematic. So….roast duck sounds good to me.

I made a delicious meal of fried potatoes with Farmer Lynn’s hamburger and then at the last minute added 2 heads of mizuna that had been chopped into 1/2″ pieces, parsley, onions, salt and a good dash of smoked paprika. Oh my! I was surprised that the mizuna had a milder flavor. If your mizuna is still in the back of your refrigerator – trim off the top of the droopy leaves and use the rest. Cut off the base, hold all the stems together as if you were going to put them in a vase and gently wash off the soil. Chop chop and the meal is done.

All the various winter squashes/pumpkins can be interchanged in recipes EXCEPT the acorn squash and maybe the zeppelin delicata, which can be eaten as individual servings. They can all be stored until March EXCEPT for the acorn squash, which tastes best within the next month or so.

We hope to harvest the Chinese cabbage, as was mentioned last week but was postponed. There should also be 2 kinds of head lettuce, kale, pac choi, the daikon and nero tondo radishes, onions, potatoes, winter squash and a salad mix with lettuces and spinach.

You may feel greened out but unbeknownst to you, the antioxidants and other nutrients packed in all the produce from your farm share have kept to healthy, wealthy and wise – don’t you know?