Grace and generosity

We spent all day Monday researching the kinds of produce to be planted in 2015. Whew! We now have a list and a basic idea where to buy good seeds after a few years of mishaps. Having a terrific selection of high quality good eats to give all of us ‘the strength to get up and do what needs to be done’ is taken seriously.

CSA members may feel overwhelmed with the amount of produce that they walk away with on market day, though we try very hard to make it a joyous event. It is a fickle calendar we follow – my constant fear is to come up short on market day even considering all of our plans. In 2015, we will attempt to: not have enormous mountains of greens, trial parsnips, continue the basics and drop the exotics such as scarlet turnips and some other mysteries soon to arrive in your box! Your suggestions are always welcomed.

I have had two visitors – one berated me for our watermelon prices compared to Walmart and the other left us a tip after purchasing 8 butternut squash! I often ponder those two individuals, the first one should know better and the latter – his aim is to get rich! I want to walk on that path, where grace and generosity meet in the cool of the day, and greed is not to be found.

Farm shares should include: cabbage, Chinese cabbage, pac choi, mesclun mix, mizuna, Tokyo bekana, beets, sweet peppers, egg plant, broccoli, potatoes, winter squash and tomatoes. Sorry, it is another rather large selection…..

My response to the above produce would be to store what can wait: potatoes, cabbage, winter squash and beets. Broccoli can be blanched and frozen. Sweet peppers can be cut in half and their seeds removed and directly frozen. The greens: Chinese cabbage, pac choi, mizuna, and Tokyo bekana can be added to salads, soup, stir-fry, sauteed with oil, onions and a bit of garlic.

I threw everything together in a roaster tonight: chicken, potatoes, zeppelin squash, Brussels sprouts, pac choi at different times depending on the amount they needed to be cooked. The broth had white wine, balsamic vinegar, sumac, curry powder and salt. I forgot to put in the thyme – whoops! It was a tasty timeless dish.