A radish by any other name would taste as sweet

Introducing the new radish – a “Watermelon Radish”, one of many within the cultivated radish genus: Raphanus sativus, well anyway. It is also known as “Roseheart Radish” or “Red Meat Radish”….. I like watermelon better. Radishes were domesticated from their wild cousins in pre-Roman times and have become as varied a family as the colors in the rainbow; some grow to huge proportions – Sakurajima radish. There is a special Noche de Rabanos (night of the radishes) in Oaxaca, Mexico when fabulous carved radish creations are made the night of December 23!

I think the watermelon radish is the sweetest cousin and makes for oohs and aahs since it is such a surprise to see the red interior. It is wonderful in a salad with a vinaigrette dressing which highlights its flavor, or it can be cooked in a soup, stir-fried or roasted. Choose the recipe wisely; we don’t have many to share with you this season.

Our chickens are soon to roost indoors in their new abode that Steve is making for them. There will be a chicken-sized door cut out of the barn for their outdoor winter promenades in the asparagus patch. Farmer Lynn saved the life of Ugly Chickling, the crowing Brahma, by taking him to her farm to entertain her children and all the hens….

Our hens are laying about 3 eggs a day, which means we have eggs for sale!  These chickens have been playing hide-and-seek in a covercrop of oats, which has been munched down and made into fertilizer. They love all kinds of Chinese cabbage, any insect that has not frozen and high bush cranberries. Their eggs should have lots of anti-oxidants and other good things from the eclectic diet they have enjoyed.

Farm shares should include: Tops – a choice of green cabbage or Pac choi and Brussels sprouts, 2 head lettuces and Napa cabbage. Bottoms – radishes, potatoes and rutabagas. Fruit of the vine – winter squash. Oh, and then onions – bulbs, I guess. Spinach, leeks and carrots will be for sale. I plan to bake butternut bread for us to enjoy on the morrow.