My grandfather loved to have his back scratched by friend, grandchild or gizmo. I think I have inherited his itch right between my “chicken wings” or shoulder blades as they are more commonly known.

Hoo Hoo! When I visit the hens, they sidle up and wait in line for their backs to be scratched! No, they are not pets and do not have names. Egg laying has begun to pick up so, goodness, I keep up my end of the bargain – feed, water, exercise equipment, back scratches and the extra fruit and vegetable tidbits.

Are we still harvesting? The answer is YES! It is most amazing, spinach and kale can survive -5°F and look just fine. They are in the hibernating mode but we hope to pick some kale so you don’t lose sight of the color green. It is tricky removing the two coverings off the 6 beds to water the plants or to provide fresh air.

The final fall market baskets should be filled with: a large blue winter squash perfect for a center piece and later for soup, salad, curry, bread, pancakes, muffins, empanadas, lasagna and you get the idea…large! Also, beets, carrots, leeks, onions, potatoes, radishes and a few kale leaves to emphasize the fact we can all survive the deep freeze.

We have the 2015 CSA registrations ready to go live and be posted. There are 4 more ‘Minnesota Cooks’ calendars for anyone who signs up for a season. Prices have remained the same but we have changed the time frames to fit the actual seasons of the year. I am dreaming happy thoughts about the new farm market we will have in 2015! Y’all come visit now.