While out weeding in the onion patch, I noted a labyrinth of tiny tunnels and crickets everywhere. There is more life beneath my feet….the soil food web, than I can ever hope to understand. It is what supports all that is above ground and yet it is indiscriminately modified and doused without thought of future generations of critters both microscopic and those larger than life, we’uns.

This week a couple walked into the market and asked about some strange-looking plants that were growing at the other end of  Mountain Lake Road, the street I call home; it is the only way out – east or west. These plants were brown and stood upright. Goodness, after I mentally zipped through all my neighbor’s homes to the west it became clear these folks were talking about the field that had been sprayed to kill all organisms. above and below ground level; and what remained were the brown plant skeletons. Hmmm It is to be an industrial ‘park’ of some sort.

Crickets find their way into the market by ones and twos and commence tuning their fiddles. I wish they kept time with the music I am playing. The magnitude of sound they present to the world is amazing. Maybe I should sing my conversations!

Produce is flooding in so be prepared: Green onions, green beans, green cucumbers, green parsley, green kale & chard, green savory, green broccoli, green & yellow squash  red tomatoes and herbs: summer savory, parsley, basil, cilantro…. Fennel decided to come 6 weeks early. Carrots and beets are in the ready.