Fun beets

A customer walked into the market today and asked if I had anything that was ‘fun’. My mind went to the antique puzzles in the corner or maybe some art supplies hidden in the bathroom. That question had not come up before so I asked him what he meant. He was thinking of beets! Well then, from now on, when seeing a beet, I will think of the day when I sold 20# of beets to a man as a gift to his wife…..fortunately, she knew about the fun and had asked him to buy some – haha! He will be coming back for more.

Farmer Steve just informed me that we have a 400′ bed of MORE FUN and they are ready for harvest! YOIKES!

The garlic harvest came off well and all the little darlings are hanging up drying their heads in the breeze. Our soil was like cement…..Steve dug them all out with a fork before the rains came. It is the best garlic harvest we have had, I think we have learned a few things since we started this adventure. We will continue with the composting in hopes of the day that we can pull them out of the soil like we do beets. Though I think some of it has to do with the shape of the vegetable – a beet is right on the soil surface with the larger end upper most whereas garlic is quite the opposite, in labor….I’d choose the first option and have more ‘fun’.

There’s a bunch to fit in the farm share boxes this week: broccoli, green onions, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes large & small, kohlrabi, fresh garlic, herbs (sage or basil or cilantro), summer squash, and Swiss chard or kale for the regular shares.