It’s the berries….once again

I spend about 5 hours a day picking, heading & tailing, munching and processing berries. Gooseberries, Saskatoons, red – white and blue currants (patriotic smiles after a munch or two!) and raspberries are in high season. Aronia and nannyberries are later and the sea berries must have to get older. Sour cherries are frozen as are the haskaps.

I know, I know – we are crazy…. Did you know that all these berries are just about native to these parts, are tops in nutrients – phytochemicals and antioxidants, and grow on their own without any chemical sprays (organic or the other sort) such as many of the commonly eaten fruits require?

This week begins the summer CSA farm share season through September. That seems like a long way off and mountains of fruits and veggies to work through. We think we are ready – are you?

Farm shares will get several kohlrabi, a beUtiful head of broccoli, green onions, Hakurei turnips, cucumbers, kale, herbs, raspberries and tomatoes for the regular share members. Now that is saying something to commemorate July 5 – Steve’s birthday!