In the expectant mode

Our retail refrigerator needs to find a new home (any takers?); it does not hold its cool in a reliable manner. I am sure it has had an illustrious past, due to its age, and may end up on the junk heap. It moves about with grace on new casters….I hope to be the same way when I come to my end of days.

We are expecting….new retail coolers and a freezer, ones with interior lights, efficient cooling and quiet hummings. As with all new additions to the family there are significant changes ….. hopefully no more sleepless nights, changing of the (diaper) pail and high temperatures. Hey Ho!

Before ordering the coolers, I counted the days, planned for mishaps and put the order in on a Monday – haha. This delivery was to be a 3-5 day waiting period, avoiding Wednesdays. Two weeks later it is coming today – Wednesday – at noon!

Take 10 deep breaths and the day will proceed as usual….in high alert, adrenalin at the ready.

Harvests yesterday included 100’s of eggplants, ears of corn, sweet peppers and melons. Now what? Take 10. I AM thankful.

Farm shares will include: Cantaloupe, sweet peppers, eggplant, carrots, beets, green beans (or) corn, slicing tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs.

Good eats for these times….what do you expect?