The French connection

Globe peddling bikers found their way to Jubilee. They were headed to Nebraska and then biking to Columbia…. the country in South America. I could have closed up shop for the day and listened to their stories -leurs histoires étaient whooee! One rider was from Paris, France and had cycled all over Europe. Imagine, somehow we were located  – I love it.

A year ago, a young man from southern France came to help us pick aronia berries. Wouldn’t you know, but we were harvesting aronia berries when the cycling duo showed up yesterday?

Continuing on with this French connection…this is the season to be making ratatouille – all the fixings are available: 1# eggplant,1# summer squash, 1# onions, 1 Tbsp garlic, 2# tomatoes, 1/4 # green peppers, 1/4 cup olive oil (or more), salt to taste. Sauté the onions and I add the rest and cook on low until most of the juice is gone. I plan to freeze it in serving sizes for use in sandwiches, pizza, pasta and other tasty dishes.

It is ratatouille farm share week so look for tomatoes, green peppers OR green beans, eggplant, onions, summer squash as well as cucumbers, potatoes OR celery,  carrots OR beets, sage OR parsley….. The ‘OR’s’ are for the mini farm share choices.

C’est délicieux!