Save the flukes from plastic

In my lifetime, the oceans that once washed up beautiful shells on its beaches and gave life to the mammoth whales and the tiniest sea horses, are now landfills of the vilest sort. I have played a part…. to see the pile of garbage I have thrown out over 64 years brings me to my knees.

Plastic does not biodegrade like the rotten tomato on my kitchen counter that oozed into a book I was reading – Yikes! Plastic is made using a rather large ‘footprint’ and then its leaving creates the other ‘footprint’ affecting the environment negatively for generations to come.

Here comes the ,,,, Then what? We are switching over to more items in bulk, encouraging folks to bring their own containers that we fill. Bags are available for a small fee – a nickle – not sure what Thomas Jefferson thought about the environment but maybe he will help us to be more friendly in that regard. That money will be set aside and given to a group in Minnesota working on similar issues.

It’s a fluke that I’ve been saving canning bottles from friends and family, my basement shelves had all the blue glass and odd sizes that I did not use to can pickles. They now adorn our market shelves with good eats inside!

As for Just – Good – Eats….. farm share members will receive: salad mix (whoopie), green onions, Napa cabbage, cucumbers, summer squash, peppers, kohlrabi and cherriette radishes. Celery, carrots and onions added for the regular share folks. Basil is available for CSA members – let me know – take what you want.

Whale flukes are their propulsion engine for traveling ~ 12mph when moseying along. They can be 25 feet from one tip to the other! Flukes are whales’ signatures that can identify them from the rest of the pod. Each one a beautiful creature that travels the oceans for its livelihood. Let’s do our part …….


Sideways truth

I was once partially related to a presiding president who was later known for his “truth-telling” in a rather sideways manner. That may be the issue with truth…..if I’m (lying) on my side instead of standing up things have a different perspective – I’m not being glared down at but am face to face as an equal.

Truth telling seems to be a scarce resource. I learned its importance as a child, not sure how, but I managed to find the most innovative ways and means to get the spotlight on me. Having a dozen other folks my age under the same roof divided the attention out in much too small a portion by the time it came to me. I ‘fessed up to all the broken pipes, messed up diaries, booby-traps, short-sheeted beds and so forth. The fun was in the truth-telling.

Tall silver maples are now in a rather sideways manner across our yard; once majestic, but a rotten core brought them down. Hmmmm

In truth, Steve and I are inspired to share of the goodness from this patch of land with the rest of the folks who pass by on this particular highway. And further, if truth be told….fennel and eggplant are delish! After removing the fronds and hard core from the fennel bulb, slice it sideways and add it to a stir-fry, or saute in olive oil with a heavy sprinkle of Parmesan or fresh in a salad with fruit. Yummers!

As for eggplant, it acts like a sponge…enhancing the flavors it is combined with, the best being with tomatoes and all things Italian.

The moral: Choose your companions wisely, the ones with the best flavors so you can shine in a true fashion.

Today’s farm share: sweet peppers, Lunch box peppers OR JalapeƱos, Green Beans, Swiss Chard OR Kale, Tomatoes, Fennel OR Eggplant, Cucumbers, Summer squash, Walla walla onions.

Back to 10

I am slowing down in the running department….it has become more of a shuffle around town. My brain is constantly reminding my feet at the other extreme to pick themselves up and keep moving. A 10 minute mile is the goal – but …if a bright idea surfaces, I have to walk in order to think – haha.

Moses would have been in good shape in order to hike anywhere while carrying stone tablets. There must have been quite a stack, one for each new thought. Imagine if all of us would strive to follow those ten words from the One who put all things in motion. Politics aside – reasoning together for the hope of ALL children. My oh, my soul weeps when I stop and think about the things done in my name.

There will be at least 10 good eats for farm share members today. The last salad greens were harvested – only for members! We kept the ‘one cuts’ under shade cloth to extend the season. Cucumbers are slowing down – whew! Red bell peppers and cute little lunch box peppers give a bright splash of color and oh so sweet. A choice of eggplant, kale, green beans or fennel. An herb for flavor: basil, parsley, summer savory, or dill. And of course….tomatoes.

Take a 10 minute run or walk and think about 10 ways to be a blessing this day. Hmmmm

Precious, precocious childhood

It’s been 55 years ago that I wandered through caves in northern Thailand on Saturday outings with the rest of the children in the boarding house. Monkeys guarded the entrance as a guide would gather his gear…a flashlight..and we trooped in. Tight squeezes, caverns of bats, watching drops of water from stalactites over ‘mites made for an exciting excursion. The sunlight was greeted with cheers as we exited and raced for our seats in the van. We sang all the way home, songs with repeating verses to give joy to hours.

I’ve been at a US border, on a return trip, and was questioned whether I could prove that my children were my own! I have an internal fear of folks with authority who may have a cap, an office and a gun. I’ve crossed more borders than the years I have wandered this planet. At any point, if I had been taken from my family……

I don’t understand why folks in this country act the way they do….often with a cap, an office and a gun. Making memories of such magnitude will erase childhood that is only a precious moment in time.

Jubilee Market is set up with childhood in mind…..there is a library of wonderful books that can be borrowed or read while enjoying a munch, toys, puzzles, colors and closets of fun. Just ask. A whole row of large tomatoes was poked by a little finger the other day. Grrrrr. That’s the precocious part.

We have plenty of tomatoes left – a tasting party so you can choose which variety you like best…..they are ALL good! For farm share members there will also be: a small Salad mix(coming to the end)/Raspberries , Cucumbers, Broccoli/Green beans, Basil/Summer savory.




In a pickle

I came close to shutting down this adventure due to someone with a nametag and a sticker on their car questioning my pickles and jams. It’s amazing, it is – and it’s a long story. The wee hours of the morning gave me more insight along with ‘approved’ recipes. A required class and a processing authority, of which we do not have in Minnesota….and reams of HACCP paperwork, gives me the permission to make safe Rhubarb Raspberry Jam once again. There is an on line class for $400 and each submitted recipe will cost another $125…..add that up once. Yep, I’m in a sour pickle.

The daily showers of blessings should move us into a most honored spot. Surrounded by water and watching the crops ferment (get pickled?) in the fields is a sad end to previous high hopes. There is a long list of woes but the new day looks promising so off we go!

Farm shares should receive choices from: broccoli, green onions, garlic scapes, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, kohlrabi, mint/basil/lovage/lemonbalm and salad mix.