Lemon basil lemonade

The lemon basil plot is getting a haircut today along with several other herbs. Lemon basil and mint lemonade will be on hand for thirsty folks who stop by the market today. It adds a bonus to any recipe that calls for lemons.

Scarborough Bread is to on the docket as soon as I leave this post. No need to sing the song, but if you know it, let’s try a duet – haha!

Farm shares will be choosing their last salad mix and then: garlic scapes, green onions, Hakurei turnips, kohlrabi, Pac choi, herbs and cucumbers! Raspberries are available as well as white and red currants, all having been picked by our sous farmers: Carlos and Esther.


Now’s the time to dream of garlic…garlic scapes come once a year to enjoy. These are the flower stalks of the garlic plant; it’s a twofer deal – both stalk and later the bulb! It is broken off of the garlic plant so more energy goes into making the bulb, and of course, it is delicious to eat! The whole scape is edible but I usually cut off the flower since it has a different mouth feel.

I have seen folks munch on scapes as they would a carrot – not my choice for a snack, but that is one option. Pesto, pickled, chopped fresh for a salad, stir fried, grilled whole with olive oil or curled nicely on a pizza are other good eats. I am making pesto, pickles and focaccia bread with swirling scapes today.

Robins have been (e)scaping the nets I have over the Saskatoon berry bushes – grrrr. There may be a bowlful left for me. Sour cherries are also disappearing fast by the same method!

Fortunately, not all living things are after the same fruit or vegetable! The human sort have to be convinced to eat such things – haha

This week’s good eats: salad mix, Minuet cabbage, beets, garlic scapes, green onions, radishes or turnips, kohlrabi, herbs, kale and red head lettuce.


Peas and joy at the table

Family and friends, five of them, have added to the usual twosome around our table. They have agreed to make the meals, wash dishes, sweep and dust the whole house, weed the flower gardens and harvest the produce. Whooeee!

We’ve been harvesting peas – long beds of them, both edible pod (snap peas) and shelling peas. Green pearls of sweetness, a tedious job to harvest. Last year the crop failed, this year it was looking terrific and then the high winds blew the plants over.

Edible pod peas do not freeze well, at least I can’t do it right. Peas time is always worth treasuring and not saving for later.

Farm shares should include: a salad mix, peas, basil (lemon or Genovese) or lemon balm, green onions or kale, Romaine head lettuce and radishes or kohlrabi or garlic scapes.



Sweet & short

Haskap berries are ripening and they look tricky to harvest. Hmmm I can either cut a child’s swimming pool in half with a hole out of the center and circle it around each bush or lay out a sheet and then thwack each bush. Another name is the Honeyberry since it is a type of honeysuckle…..no relation to the sweet side of life. These berries are also very high in the good things that protect us from the bad things except for maybe monsters under the bed. Not much is written about them so back to the science lab (read kitchen) I go!

Life is short so dwell on the sweet things. This is going to be short and the sweet news is that we have salad mix, radishes (both cherries and French breakfast), Hakurei turnips, Pac choi or Tokyo Bekana, Red head lettuce, rhubarb, and the minis a choice of either asparagus, green onions or kale.

Days are long, company is coming – yoikes! and I am thinking sweet thoughts about good, sweet, real eats.


My old phone is spending its final days resting on a pile of books before the trip to the recycling box. It goes way back with me; all of my pants have a wear hole in the back right pocket from its companionship in my life.

We made a grand switcheroo with the phones Nathan and Loida left behind; I now have Loida’s number 507-822-5560 and her voice if you want to leave a message…..I will change that in due time. My old number is now the official one for Jubilee Market & Peacemeals. Since no one knows this, I wander around with both phones!

The new menu is official and we cooks are still trying to remember all of the idiosyncrasies. Our seasonal menu is closely linked to what we grow, much like a marathon that never comes to a conclusion. That is my reason I don’t actually ever run one – haha.

There are new salads: Crunchy Beet with Feta, Smoked turkey & Caramelized Walnuts and Farmer’s Choice with Sumac. Wraps: Curried turkey with rhubarb chutney, hummus and a Spicy Black Bean. Those with less appetites than I have can now order a half sandwich! There is also a selection process that meets the USDA nutritional guidelines in calories, sodium and fat. It has always been a hidden goal of mine but now it is out there. We serve real food that is good for body and soul.

As for farm shares: there will be a choice of rhubarb or rhubarb chutney, salad mix, the last asparagus from Farmer Charlie, Hakurei turnips, spring onions, kale, and a choice of herbs.