Consider the lilies of the field

Lilies of the field, wildflowers or weeds are usually quite spectacular if one gets down nose to nose. They are survivors growing in the rough. The Good Book tells us to consider the lilies of the field in detail, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately. There are some that I wish would pull up their roots and find another home. This world likes to have green clothes on; bare soil, rocky ground, cement patches all have ‘lilies’ reaching up to the light for energy and going deep for sustenance.  Hmmm

This day has enough worries of its own and I’m sufficiently dressed. We work hard on this little patch of earth and I can get a bit grumpy at life that just seems to exist, thorns and all. We are considering the plum curculio and its nasty habit of laying eggs in apple blossoms – tree lilies. Surround or kaolin clay is mixed with water and sprayed over the tree giving it a prickly look to those visiting weevils. The sharp clay crystals are only visible to insect eyes so the idea is that the flowers were pollinated and at first petal drop we start in with the white spray for 6 weeks. If there is one good apple in the fall to share, we will have improved by 100% – hey ho!

We plan to take a walkabout for this evening’s cooking class and to consider the lilies of the field – some are actually most tasty in their infancy rather than in the flower of their final days. Much of the what the world chooses from its wardrobe is eatable – quite amazing actually. Of course, there are some inappropriate choices – like me in a snowboard jacket and pants about now – haha.

Farm share members will have a large salad mix, spinach, asparagus, rhubarb, radishes, Hakurei turnips and green onions to plan their meals around this week. Kohlrabi are just around the corner. We hope to plant potatoes today?!

Take time to consider this day and the lilies that surround us in the fields – or where there should be some….