Loveage & Nettles

We need to mow the walkways between the raspberries and asparagus beds if ever we hope to see the harvest. Some mighty fine beds of nettles have sprung in the paths which I will save for soup and pesto. Check the “Stinging in the Rain” snippet from May 13, 2014 for more recipes. There is also an awesome Anderson fairytale, The Wild Swans, that is a fun read…..NOT a Walt Disney version – oh dear!

Nettles were used by the Roman army to keep warm! They would whip their bare skin with nettles to feel the heat – hey ho – now that’s an idea. Nettle-based fabric has been around since the 16th century; their fibers are stronger than cotton and produce a finer fabric than flax or hemp! They also have natural fire retardant properties without the use of toxic sprays. Sounds like a good thing to study to me!

Loveage is also popping up where I planted it several years ago – an old friend. It is from the Apiaceae family, a robust cousin to celery thus I use half the amount called for in place of celery. It grows taller than me by summer’s end!

This week for farm shares, the goal is to have large bags of salad mix, a separate small amount of spinach, asparagus & Solomon’s seal, loveage, garlic scallions and maybe some radishes and Hakurei turnips. The later did not germinate well this year. I’ll have nettle soup for everyone – yay!