Twist and hug

Gibbons were my playmates when home on vacations. The ‘gazoopwa’, as they were known in the Karen language, had a wire that connected them from our house to a gigantic tree in the front yard. They would zoop down the wire on their pulley and chain as soon as we arrived with any sort of munch to share. We braved the tree a couple times to join them in the safety of the huge branches. The ‘tree’ was actually a strangler fig which had surrounded the original tree and squeezed out most of its life.

Cucumbers have a less invasive way of reaching the sunlight; their tendrils swing around until they touch something and then they change internally and hug whatever they come in contact with. We wind a cord around each cucumber vine and snap off their tendrils so they don’t become a massive jungle. I wonder if cucumbers are a little less scrumptious without a twist and a hug? Ours are magnificent, but maybe ……

This week’s farm share will be full of hugs and twists since we pick everything by hand! Salad mix, green onions, rhubarb or kale, kohlrabi, head lettuce, cucumbers, garlic scallions, garlic scapes, and a choice of herbs: mint, lovage, oregano or lemon balm.