Back to 10

I am slowing down in the running department….it has become more of a shuffle around town. My brain is constantly reminding my feet at the other extreme to pick themselves up and keep moving. A 10 minute mile is the goal – but …if a bright idea surfaces, I have to walk in order to think – haha.

Moses would have been in good shape in order to hike anywhere while carrying stone tablets. There must have been quite a stack, one for each new thought. Imagine if all of us would strive to follow those ten words from the One who put all things in motion. Politics aside – reasoning together for the hope of ALL children. My oh, my soul weeps when I stop and think about the things done in my name.

There will be at least 10 good eats for farm share members today. The last salad greens were harvested – only for members! We kept the ‘one cuts’ under shade cloth to extend the season. Cucumbers are slowing down – whew! Red bell peppers and cute little lunch box peppers give a bright splash of color and oh so sweet. A choice of eggplant, kale, green beans or fennel. An herb for flavor: basil, parsley, summer savory, or dill. And of course….tomatoes.

Take a 10 minute run or walk and think about 10 ways to be a blessing this day. Hmmmm